Best Online Roulette for Real Money

Which is the best online roulette for real money? There are many types of roulette to play and here we discuss the two main formats, live and virtual.

So, in the debate of roulette gaming, which is the best version of roulette to play and win real money from? There are indeed many variants of the game to play which further adds to the headache of trying to pick. But is there just one ruling game that surpasses all or is roulette great no matter how you play?

Accessing the Best Roulette Online

To access the best of roulette, you are going to need the best casino. Your options are lovingly provided by this helpful site, who have formed a list of reputable sites in South Africa which each host the option of roulette gaming. But they are not just there for their incredible options on the game. These online casinos are made available because they are legally represented by the most stringent licensing commissions in the industry. The casinos you get to choose from are legally open to players based in South African and they come with authorised approval from legal bodies that deem the sites to be safe and fair for players. Yes, the games are tested independently, so you will have access to fair games of roulette. This, in itself, makes them the best roulette options online.

Different Types of Online Roulette

As stated here, With quality slot machines, you have over 2000 titles, over 100 for Video Poker and the same for Scratch Cards. Roulette comes in with over 10! A modest list of options but shows the diversity that the game does offer. There are three main variants of roulette which are well-known in the circles of the casino, you have French roulette tables, American ones and European roulette. There are outside of these options other variants which include the option of playing double ball roulette and double wheel roulette. However, let us not get caught up in the styles and theme of how roulette is presented and remember that regardless of its form, how roulette plays are the same no matter if there are two wheels or if the table is a French one.

When the focus is which roulette is best to win real money from, then the argument and debate is more about the format, is playing live roulette better than playing virtual games. The argument for this approach works better because there are two different processes in play, as to how winnings are made.

How will Roulette Online Work for You?

So, which is better, playing live or virtual?

Virtual Roulette Games: When it comes to the programming of virtual machines, they are just like slot games except there is an alternative algorithm that is used. The RNG system forms serial numbers that are attached to the numbers of the games. Upon the spin of the wheel algorithms form these and alternate numbers, which if matching upon the end of the spin will result in a win. Think of it like a bank vault code, if the numbers match then its payday. Is this fairer? Yes and no, you could put in lots of money and win less back, or you could play with very little money and win loads back. But the algorithm doesn’t show favouritism which can happen with RTP slot machines.

Live Roulette Games: Live tables are real tables, the fate of winning purely resides in the hands of lady luck. This is the only distinct difference when it comes to virtual games and the live table.

So, we have two options, both paying out on the principle of being ‘random’, so which option is the better one to win money from? Answer: Live tables. Why? Because games cannot become faulty, there is no algorithm that influences outcomes and because the house edge becomes slightly lower in live form than digital. There is your answer, no you can see for yourself with the real thing housed inside the best casinos online in the links above.

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